Kidderminster Carolians RFC

KCs under 16s v Milwaukee High Schools

One Easter Monday a KCs youth side played a touring team from the USA in memory of their former coach who used to live in Tenbury before emigrating.

The American team informed me quite late on that they were actually an under 18 team so I began a frantic search to bring in a few superstars to boost the ranks of my u16 team and managed to secure the services of some u17/18s playing for the thirds and what I thought was going to be the trump card, one Oliver Toms.

The game was played with 1 period of 30 mins and 2 of 15 mins to give everyone some playing time and the American boys showed that they were strong and committed with some useful ball handlers. The majority of the KCs players were 2 years younger and this showed as the visitors powered in for 4 tried in the first period with KCs scoring two of their own through the promising Alex Hinds.

Mass changes in the 2nd period on both sides brought only one score to MUHS and then in the third period I brought back all the big guns with instructions to run everything against a tiring opposition playing their 3rd game in 3 days. This they did with great success, scoring 2 tries to bring the score back to 24-26.

Ollie had requested to play the last 15 minutes on the wing, assuring me that he used to play there so I was delighted that such a wonderfully gifted and talented player should be in a position to capitalise on a mistake and fly hack the ball towards the try line. With nobody within 20 metres of him all he had to do was safely gather the ball and run in unopposed for the winning score. The vast crowd held its breath, hoping that this sublime rugby player would do its bidding. Then Ollie, with all the touch and finesse of a forward playing in the back, gently hacked the ball over the dead ball line and into Franche Road!

The whistle went and the Americans had won a famous victory.

After the game the Rigsby family put on excellent food and a post match “soccer game” restored some English pride.

Some members of the bowling section showed the some of the Americans how to play the more sedate version of bowls and once they found out that this was the game that Francis Drake was playing when the Spanish Armada was about to invade England, they were all having a go.

Loads of thanks to everyone that made this a great day Brian Garrett, Keith Skirving, Colin Preston, Phil Altimas, Nogger, the bar girls, the Rigsbies, Bish, Rocky, Taff Evans, Jo Royall, Barry Chuckle etc.

Dave Horne

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