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Kidderminster Carolians Petanque Club

How many of you out there have ever visited France and come across a group of French men and/or women in the village square or on a car park or maybe even on the beach chucking lumps of metal at a little coloured ball and wondered just exactly how the game is played? For anyone who has not played the game it can be very confusing trying to work out who is playing with whom and precisely what the rules are.

Never fear the Petanque (pronounced paytonk) section is here.

You may think it is the game of ‘boules’ which is often seen on the beach, but although similar and played with the same steel balls (they can also be made of other metals) which weigh between 650g and 800g, it is a slightly different game. The bowlers amongst you may consider this game to be no more than a game of bowls using boules and a little piece of coloured wood (this is known as the cochonnet which means piglet) instead of a jack, and indeed it is similar, except that the order of play is different and the strategy of the game is generally quite diverse.

Enough said about the game for now, should you want to learn more and start to play the game why not come along and join us? We have a small group of players playing in the second division (there are only two!!!) of the Severn Valley Petanque League. Matches are played on a Tuesday evening from about 7:30, with home games at Marlpool Lane and away fixtures in Stourbridge, Bewdley and at Little Lakes amongst others. In addition to the league games we also try to organise one or two friendlies and BBQs in conjunction with the Bowls Section, so if you have any interest at all in playing or just want to find out more about our game please make contact with any of the team members at the club or phone:

John or Maureen Barker on 01299 401670



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