Dick of the Day Rota – Season 2005/2006

Dick of the Day Rota – Season 2005/2006
Alan Dixon8th October
10th December
18th February
22nd April
Goff Perks24th September
26th November
4th February
8th April
Andy Ward27th August
29th October
7th January
11th March
Sam Talbot3rd September
5th November
14th January
18th March
Colin Preston10th September
12th November
21st January
25th March
John Barker17th September
19th November
28th January
1st April
Richard Wise20th August
22nd October
31st December
4th March
Graham Maiden1st October
3rd December
11th February
15th April
Tom Paveley15th October
17th December
25th February